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Adele and Dale Young
Child Development Laboratory

Infant-Toddler Program

(Fall, Spring Semesters)

The Infant-Toddler Laboratory is offered in conjunction with the course, FCHD 3500, Infancy and Childhood. Children from birth through two years of age attend the Laboratory for one hour three afternoons per week. Students enrolled in FCHD 3550 (Infant Laboratory) are responsible, under the guidance of a master’s level head teacher, for planning and implementing curricula which meet designated social competency goals.

Two-Year-Old Program

(Fall, Spring Semesters)

The Two-Year-Old Laboratory was designed to reflect the diverse developmental needs of two-year-olds. Children attend this Laboratory for two hours, three mornings per week. Since very few programs are available for two-year-olds locally, our program provides excellent social and educational opportunities for this age group. It also provides an opportunity for students to interact solely with two-year-olds and learn about their unique needs and interests. The teaching team for this program is comprised of sophomore bloc Level II early childhood education students, who are led by a master’s level head teacher.

Three-Year-Old Program

(Fall, Spring Semesters)

This Laboratory was created to serve the dual purpose of providing social and educational experiences for three-year-olds and their families. Children attend the Laboratory four mornings per week. A parent attends with each child twice throughout the semester, and functions as a participating "teacher" in the classroom. The curriculum is organized around self-selected, exploratory activities focusing on a wide variety of developmental areas. The teaching team working with this exciting age group includes a master’s level head teacher, senior Level IV student teachers, and sophomore bloc Level II students.

Four- and Five-Year-Old Program

(Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters)

This Laboratory serves four- and five-year-olds in a discovery-oriented environment. Children attend Laboratory four half days per week (morning or afternoon). Like the other programs, this Laboratory is focused upon a play-based curriculum that encourages open-ended, process-oriented interactions designed to meet a full range of developmental needs and interests. A master’s level head teacher leads a teaching team that incorporates Level IV student teachers, as well as sophomore bloc Level II students.