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Adele and Dale Young Child Development Laboratory

FCHD 4960 - Practice Teaching in the Child Development Laboratories (Logan Campus)


  1. Pay $30 fee at the USU Registrar’s Office (Code: CL16)
  2. Fill out the online application by clicking on the "Apply for Practice Teaching" link to the right (or pick up paper application in FL 205)
  3. Turn in receipt (and paper application if applicable) to FL 205 to be added to the waitlist
  4. Waitlists fill 3-4 full semesters in advance, so apply early

Please note:

  • Switching semesters requires a change in sign-up date
  • Contact us immediately if you have need to make changes
  • Prerequisites must be completed before the teaching semester
  • CPR/First Aid is required (training will be provided during your orientation week)
  • Three-credit students attend lab for half of the fall or spring semester*
  • Six-credit students attend all semester*
  • There is no guarantee that summer semester placements will be available.
  • Refunds will be given only under exceptional circumstance and with director approval



AM time for Fall and Spring
M: 8:30 – 12:30
T – F: 8:00 – 12:00


PM time for Fall and Spring
M: 11:30 – 3:30
T – F: 12:00 – 4:00



BE AWARE OF THIS WHEN SCHEDULING YOUR OTHER CLASSES. Banner does not list the class this way.

*All students attend the first full week of the scheduled semester for MANDATORY ORIENTATION.

  • Attendance on cleaning day (first Monday of finals week) is MANDATORY for all students.
  • Three-credit students will then attend for the first half or second half of the semester.
  • Six-credit teachers will attend the entire semester.
  • Attending seminar EVERY MONDAY (11:30-12:30) is MANDATORY for all three-credit and six-credit students.

Judy Hendrickson

2905 Old Main Hill
&nbps;  &nbps;  &nbps;  &nbps;  Logan, UT 84322-2905
&nbps;  &nbps;      Room 205



FCHD (Child Development emphasis):

  • FCHD 1500
  • FCHD 2660 (recommended)
  • FCHD 4550
  • ~apply for 6 credits of FCHD 4960


  • FCHD 1500
  • FCHD 2600/2630
  • FCHD 4550
  • Level II Completed
  • ~apply for 6 credits of FCHD 4960

(Deaf Education emphasis):

  • FCHD 1500
  • FCHD 2660 (recommended)
  • FCHD 4550
  • ~apply for 3 or 6 credits of FCHD 4960


  • FCHD 1500
  • FCHD 2660/2630
  • FCHD 4550
  • ~apply for 3 of FCHD 4960