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How to Apply to Practicum

Step #1.  Fill out the corresponding online practicum application by deadline indicated below

Application Deadlines

May 1st by Noon
October 1st by Noon
February 1st by Noon

Once you have submitted the online form, return to this page and continue through the steps.

Step #2.  Fill Out Background Check Application Online

Click on the button to the right to submit your background check application. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Step #3.  Obtain two sealed Letters of Recommendation:

Click on the button to the right to download and print the form letter. You will need to print two forms.

    They must be from different sources with their signature across the seal.
   Employers or Professors are best; absolutely no friends or roommates.

Step #4.  Print and sign the Statement of Confidentiality

Click on the button to the right to download, print, and sign the form.

Step #5.  Deliver all paperwork

    Application - submitted online

    Background check - Submitted online

    Letters of Recommendation - you must deliver

    Statement of Confidentiality - you must deliver

Deliver items to Judy Hendrickson in Building FL Room 205 or mail to the address listed in the box under Judy's name.

Judy Hendrickson
Grant Bartholomew