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Gerontology Certificate Information

What is the Gerontology Certificate program?

The Gerontology Certificate Program is an interdepartmental program at Utah State University that is sponsored by the department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development, in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services. The certificate is designed to prepare students for professional careers in the field of aging. It is not a separate degree; rather any student seeking any degree at Utah State University may apply to the program. The certificate is awarded in addition to the student's bachelors, masters, or doctorate, and a record of the certificate is available on the student's official transcript.

Who is eligible to apply for the program?

A currently enrolled student of any USU degree or discipline, with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher, is eligible to apply. This includes "on-campus" students, as well as students enrolled in distance education and online degree programs.

What can a Gerontology Certificate do for me?

Some agencies and organizations require a gerontology certificate for certain positions within their organization. Therefore, without a certificate, you may not be able to apply for the job. Other companies and organizations may prefer you to have a certificate for certain positions. That is, you may be given preference in hiring over someone else that does not have a certificate, or you may be eligible for a higher salary, as compared to what you would be paid without certification. As more universities start offering gerontology certificate programs, more agencies and organizations desire or require gerontology certification for their employees.

What careers are available in the area of aging?

The gerontology certificate can help you be more competitive in any position that works with older adults directly, for example providing health services, or in any position that works on behalf of older adults, for example in advocacy positions. The following kinds of positions all may work with older adults:

  • Program planning and evaluation
  • Management and administration
  • Housing
  • Legal services
  • Marketing and product development
  • Advocacy
  • Education and training
  • Research

Health care services

  • Hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, skilled care facilities, rehabilitation
  • Hospice and Home Health care
  • Community-based care

Mental health services and resources

  • Geropsychiatry, and family, marriage, or individual counseling
  • Social work
  • Music therapy

Leisure and recreation

  • Senior centers
  • Exercise therapy
  • Activities coordinators
Gerontology Program Coordinator

    Dr. Beth Fauth

     2905 Old Main Hill
        Logan, UT 84322-2905

Practicum Coordinator
Practicum Advising

    Judy Hendrickson

     2905 Old Main Hill
        Logan, UT 84322-2905