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Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Practicum

Practicum and Supervision

The Marriage and Family Therapy program requires 500 direct client hours and a minimum of 100 hours of supervision. Students typically begin seeing clients in January of their first year and move into Advanced Practicum in off-site placements the following summer with the approval of the faculty. Fifty percent of the required clinical hours is with couples and families; fifty percent of the supervision is based on live observation or audio/video review. Students receive both individual/dyadic and group supervision.

Therapy Personnel

Therapy at the USU Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic is conducted by master's level graduate students. All students have had basic training in therapy and are supervised by AAMFT Approved Supervisors who are licensed marriage and family therapists and are faculty in the Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development.

Therapy Procedure and Confidentiality

Therapy is conducted in one of three therapy/observation room suites, all of which have one-way mirrors for observation by therapeutic teams and supervisors, phones, and video recording equipment. Supervisors and teams call in to therapy with questions or suggestions, and therapists often consult with the team near the end of therapy. Therapy also is supervised through the videotapes. Only MFT program personnel are allowed to observe therapy or participate in therapy supervision and consultation. All laws in the state of Utah are followed with regard to maintaining confidentiality of clients.

Training Hours

All students complete at least 500 hours of clinical training with clients, approximately 200 of which are conducted in the MFT Clinic. At least 250 of the 500 hours are "relational," meaning that at least two members of a system (couple or family) are present. Students also receive at least 100 hours of supervision. At the MFT Clinic, much of this supervision is "live," meaning that supervisors attend therapy behind the one-way mirror, or conducted through observations of video recordings of therapy.

Off-campus Options for Students

Students also do therapy in off-campus agencies, and are supervised by AAMFT Approved Supervisors either at those sites or by the MFT faculty.



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