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Financial Assistance

Admission to the program does not guarantee financial support.


Teaching and research graduate assistantships are available for students who are matriculated into FCHD masters- and doctoral-level degree programs. Assistantships require that students perform services in return for salary.

Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships and scholarships are available from Department Family Consumer, and Human Development, the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services, the School of Graduate Studies, the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, and several centers at Utah State University (e.g., the Center for Women and Gender). These resources are awarded to well-qualified masters- and doctoral- level students. Fellowships are financial awards that require no service from the recipient. Many of the assistantships and fellowships also include out-of-state tuition awards, nevertheless, students are encouraged to establish residency after the completion of 18 graduate credits.

In-state Tuition Awards

In-state tuition awards are also available for all full-time (9 credits/semester) Ph.D. students and for a limited number of masters-level students who do not receive financial assistance.


Applications (see p. 33 in your Handbook) for financial awards, scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships will be reviewed by March 15 - students must accept or decline offers of financial support by April 15 (as per the Council of Graduate Schools).

Individuals (including presently enrolled graduate students) interested in consideration for teaching and/or research assistance must complete and return the assistantship request form (p. 33 in your Handbook) prior to March 1st.

Also see School of Graduate Studies page on financial support.