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Yoon Lee

Yoon G. Lee, PhD

Associate Professor


  FL 308C

  By Appointment Only


Dr. Lee is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development at Utah State University. She is a Consumer and Family economist interested in household debt, saving, and credit use decisions and relevant policy issues. She has taught a number of different classes for the FCHD Department over the past 15 years including: Consumer and the Market, Family Economic Issues, Consumer Credit Problems, Family Financial Problems, and Consumer Science Theories. Her research centers on family financial behavior and issues, with an emphasis on women, baby boomers, and the elderly. Dr. Lee’s second research project is related to family-owned businesses and her research interests include the issue of succession planning in small family firms, gender comparisons and business success, and the adjustment strategies adopted in minority-owned family firms. Her hobbies include cooking, hiking, and watching movies.

Research Projects

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Family Finance

  • Students
  • Susan Brown (PhD, 2011)       
  • Eun-hyei Shin (MS, 2011)       
  • Katrina Nye (MS, 2008)       
  • Miguel Fernandez (MS, 2006)       

Family Resource Management

  • Students
  • Fay Belmap Foster (MS, 2007)   
  • Tawna Wayment (MS, 2002)

Family Business

  • Students
  • Jeff Wallace (MS, 2010)       


PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia (Consumer and Family Economics), 1995

MS, University of Utah (Family Ecology), 1990

BS, Kookmin University Seoul, Korea (Household Management), 1983

Research Interests

My current research projects in the area of family finance focus on topics such as credit card attitudes, the relationship between health and financial well-being, gender differences in portfolio choices, the connection between self-employment and portfolio framework, and inter-generational finance transfer.

My current research projects in the area of family-owned businesses include the effect of natural disasters on survival status of small businesses, how the goals set by business owners affect the entrepreneurial success of immigrant business owners, the influence of disaster assistance on family and business success, cash flow problems and financial intermingling in small family firms, the impact of disasters on family response and adjustment, and factors associated with business success over time.

USU Course Teachings

  • FCHD 2450 Consumer and Family Economic Issues
  • FCHD 3280 Economic Issues for Individuals and Families
  • FCHD 3450 Consumer Credit Problems
  • FCHD 6040/7040 Survey of Family Economics Research
  • FCHD 6050/7050 Consumer Science Theories
  • FCHD 6410/7410 Family Financial Problems
  • FCHD 6430/7430 Economics of Aging
  • FCHD 6900/7900 Interdisciplinary Topical Seminar in Aging: Aging Well, Personally, Financially, and Socially
  • HENV 4250 Advanced Internship
  • HENV 6280 Research Methods
  • HENV 6330 Consumer Problems
  • HENV 6360 Family Resource Management