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Faculty Name

Lucy Delgadillo, Ph.D.



  FL 308A

  By Appointment Only



Dr. Lucy M. Delgadillo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family, Consumer and Human Development at Utah State University. She is also a Certified Master Coach. Dr. Delgadillo practices within the applied, interdisciplinary field called Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS). She is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scholar with a background in journalism, broadcasting, sociology, public relations, political sciences, and consumer sciences. Dr. Delgadillo is a social scientist who engages in educating university students, individuals, families and the public at large on issues pursuant to improving their financial wellbeing.

Research Projects

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Mortgage Default / Predatory Lending

  • Students
  • Leslie Green (MS, 2006)      
  • Luke Erickson (MS, 2006)      
  • Camille Pedersen (MS, 2006)      
  • Amber Gallagher (MS, 2004)      

Finances / Counseling / Policy

  • Students
  • Jordan Aaberg (MS/CS, 2012)      
  • Paola DeHart (MFHD/CS, 2012)   
  • Samantha Nelson (MS/CS, 2011)      
  • Jessica Johnson (MS, 2010)      
  • Cindy Stokes (MS/CS, 2010)      


  • Students
  • Lucas Martin (MS/CS, 2012)      
  • Melanie Jewkes (MS, 2008)      


PhD in Family Life: Human Environments, Utah State University, 2000

MS in Political Sciences, Utah State University, 1996

BS in Communications: Journalism, University of Costa Rica, 1994

BA in General Broadcasting and Sociology, Murray State University, 1991

Research Interests

Dr. Delgadillo’s leadership and research efforts have three foci: financial wellbeing for individual and families, financial education interventions for selected audiences (including students, senior citizens, people with disabilities, first time homeowners), and financial coaching. Dr. Delgadillo has become a leader of a new strand of research and scholarship in financial coaching. As a result of understanding of the role of cognitions, biases, and emotions related to financial behaviors, she has pursued the big questions and developed game-changing ideas on how financial coaching has great potential for enhancing financial well being, goal attainment, and financial performance of individuals and families.

USU Teaching Courses

  • FCHD 3310: Consumer Policy
  • FCHD 3340: Housing: Societal and Environmental Issues
  • FCHD 4250: Advanced Internship
  • FCHD 4910: Creative Projects
  • FCHD 5340: Housing Finance
  • FCHD 5350: Financial Coaching
  • FCHD 6050: Consumer Theories
  • FCHD 6400: Seminar: Housing Policy
  • FCHD 6400: Seminar: Housing Problems
  • FCHD 6960: Readings and Conference
  • FCHD 6910: Parenting Seminar (co-teacher 1 credit) ***
  • FCHD 6045/7045: Financial Health
  • International Consumer Policy