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Kay Bradford, PhD

Associate professor


  FCHDW 108

  By Appointment Only


Dr. Kay Bradford is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development at Utah State University. At the undergraduate level, he teaches a course in child guidance. At the graduate level, he teaches family theories, survey of family research, couples and interventions, and ethics and professional issues in couple and family therapy. His current research is largely applied, although some of his work has focused on basic research in the area of interparental conflict. Dr. Bradford’s current funded projects are focused on couple and relationship education, parenting and community education initiatives, and emerging adult and adolescent relationships.

Research Projects

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Couples/Relationship Education and Intervention

  • Students
  • Carey Larsen (MMFT, 2014)
  • D. Jim Mock (PhD, 2013)   
  • Daniel A. Moen (PhD, 2010)   
  • J. Wade Stewart (MS, 2011)     

Parenting and Community Education

  • Students
  • Jacque Alderete (MS, 2014)   
  • Stacey Huffaker (MS, 2011)   

Emerging Adult and Adolescent Relationships

  • Students
  • J. Wade Stewart (PhD, 2015)   


PhD in Marriage Family & Human Development, Brigham Young University, 2002

MS in Family Studies/MFT, University of Maryland, College Park, 1997

BA in Piano Performance, University of Utah, 1990

Research Interests

I conduct research on couple and relationship education, parenting and parent education, and adolescent relationships. My work includes:

  • Couples/Relationship Education and Intervention: Processes and outcomes in providing healthy relationship education to couples through community partners.
  • Parenting and Community Education: Parent education to community and at-risk parents/caretakers and their children.
  • Emerging Adult and Adolescent Relationships: Investigation of processes and outcomes of pre-relationship education for youth.

I welcome working with students who share my interest in the investigation of relationship education, and processes among couples, parents, and youth.

USU Course Teachings

  • FCHD 2610: Child Guidance
  • FCHD 6320: Foundations of MFT
  • FCHD 6010: Seminar in Family Relations
  • FCHD 6390: Practicum in MFT
  • 6910/7910: Parenting