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Grant Bartholomew

Troy Beckert, Ph.D.

Associate Professor



  FL 219

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I grew up in Mesa Arizona and moved to Logan Utah in 2003 to join the faculty at Utah State University. My degree, from Arizona State University, is in educational psychology with a specialization in lifespan development. My teaching and research focus primarily on the adolescent years. In addition to teaching, research, and writing, I enjoy playing golf and spending time with my family.

Research Projects

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Culture/Context and Adolescent Psychosocial Development

  • Students
  • Myles Maxey (PhD, current)     
  • Andy Harris (PhD, current)     
  • Lauralee Lyons (MS, 2013)     
  • Chien-Ti Lee (PhD, 2010)     
  • Derek Hoke (MS, 2010)     
  • Matt Reiser (MS, 2006)     
  • Ruth Thompson (MS, 2006)       

Intergenerational/Parenting Relationships

  • Students
  • Jesse Higgins (PhD, current)     
  • Mark Ferguson (PhD, current)     
  • Thane R. Goodrich (PhD, 2009)     
  • Tyler D. Patrick (MS, 2006)     
  • Ane K. Weed (MS, 2006)     
  • Kathryn E. Darre (MS, 2006)     

Technology and Adolescent Psychosocial Development

  • Students
  • Ryan Atwood (PhD, 2016)     
  • Tessa Cutler (MS, 2014)     
  • Sarah Tulane (PhD, 2012)     
  • Elizabeth Davis (MS, 2010)     


PhD, Arizona State University, Educational Psychology, 1998

MA, Arizona State University, Educational Psychology, 1995

BA, Arizona State University, Psychology, 1989

Research Interests

My research interests in adolescents and their families shape a primarily quantitative research concentration on intergenerational learning and adolescent psychosocial development. Presently my research projects revolve around the influence of external factors, such as culture and technology, on family relationships and adolescent psychosocial development, centering around cognitive autonomy.

Additionally, I am actively involved in collaborative research consortia. I am the co-director of the Applied Research Lab in Lifespan Development at Utah State University; a research lab dedicated to mentoring young scholars in research involving issues across the lifespan. I am also the assistant director, overseeing program evaluation and methodology, at the Office of Parent Development International; a research lab dedicated to understanding global differences in parental practices and development.

USU Course Teachings

  • FCHD 1500 Lifespan Development
  • FCHD 3130 Research Methods
  • FCHD 3520 Children in the Middle Years
  • FCHD 3530 Adolescence
  • FCHD 3570 Youth and Adolescence
  • FCHD 6020 Survey of Research in Human Development
  • FCHD 6030 Research Methods
  • FCHD 6060 Theories of Human Development
  • FCHD 6530/7530 Adolescent Development
  • FCHD 6500/7500 Intergenerational Learning
  • PSY/EDUC 6570 Research Methods
  • FCHD 7060 Advanced Theories and Research in Human Development